Welcome to a doll's heart!

A doll's heart wants to help some kids, most are orphans, with some of thier deepest needs. Some will need homes, some will need surgeries, some will need schooling and daily care. Whenever you buy a doll you will help some children as well. We are hoping to partner with a couple of organizations we have in mind to help accomplish this goal, in doing so we will give a percentage of the sales to these organizations.

For an adoptive family these dolls represent the country that your child is from and make great gifts for your child, but these dolls are for everyone else as well. The dolls from each country have the colors of their native country's flag embroidered on thier hearts. Each doll is handmade with care and each may be a little unique, outfits will also vary. Dolls are approx. 15 inches tall. See side bar for ordering info.

Friday, November 14, 2014


I wanted to post so everyone would know these dolls are still available for ordering. Also, just for clarity, the Indian girl dolls all have long hair even though you can't see it is wrapped behind them, in some of the photos. P.S. For those of you who like to do the Operation Christmas Child boxes, these dolls will bend and fit in the box and still leave some room for other items too. Thanks!